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Useful Links

A growing number of very useful web sites are helping schools and communities address bullying, harassment, and violence among young people. Some of the best are linked below - as are several good sites that relate to The Revealers.
This excellent "Stop Bullying Now!" site is maintained by Stan Davis, a nationally known bullying prevention expert.

Ckick here for a free, downloadable Teacher's Guide to using The Revealers in the language arts, social studies, science, and/or technology-foundation classroom. Written by C.J. Bott, author of The Bully in the Book and the Classroom, the Teacher's Guide was produced by Farrar, Straus & Giroux's Books for Young Readers.
"Let's Get Real" - facts and figures on bullying to go with an acclaimed film on the issue.
"Words that Heal: Using Children's Literature to Address Bullying." Developed by the Anti-Defamation League, this magnificent "Curriculum Connections" resource spotlights five books, one for each grade level from preK up, with much useful material for working with each. (The Revealers is the choice for grades 6-8.) The site also has a first-class summary of current research on bullying and its impacts.
Site of the Wellesley [College] Center for Women's Project on Teasing and Bullying, with a section of resources and links.
U.S. Web site for the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, a comprehensive, school-wide program developed in Norway for use in elementary, middle or junior high schools.
A page with lots of good links to resources on safe schools, adolescent services, and promoting kids' well-being.
"Online Security and Safety for Your Family" — an excellent set of resources compiled by George Washington University.
A site on social-media safety, with many links.
A useful resource from Canada.'s resource on bullying and cyberbullying for parents.
A compact and solid article on cyberbullying, with research-based facts and links to more information and resources.
page of resources on Internet safety, developed by a U.K. provider of mobile-phone service.
A nicely made site for kids, "Cybersafety: An Interactive Guide to Staying Safe on the Internet."


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