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Doug Wilhelm is a full-time writer and an independent publisher in Weybridge, Vemont. His newest book is the novel STREET OF STORYTELLERS (Rootstock, 2019). His 15 previous novels for young adults include THE REVEALERS (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2003), which has been the focus of reading-and-discussion projects in well over 1,000 middle schools.

We're getting close!

I met yesterday in Montpelier, Vt., with Sarah-Lee Terrat, the artist for True Shoes, and Tim Newcomb, the graphic designer who will design the book's cover and pages. We looked at Sarah-Lee’s final sketch for the cover (you can see it below), and we talked about where to place the book title (we decided to put it above the cover image), and what colors to use. (We'll see what colors Tim and Sarah-Lee choose — they're the artists and color experts.)

In the next few days, I’ll see Sarah-Lee’s final artwork for the cover, and I will post that as soon as I have it. I’ll also see Tim’s design for the cover, combining the artwork with the words that will appear on the cover, plus whatever else has to be there or that we want to include. And I’ll see how Tim lays out the pages of the book.

I will post samples of the inside pages next week, so you’ll get a glimpse inside the book. Today and tomorrow I will go through all the pages one more time, as carefully as I can, responding to edits suggested by three excellent English teachers in Virginia who have been my final volunteer reader/criticizers. We’re getting very close to the final book!
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