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Through her teacher, a fifth grader at Green Mountain Elementary School in Raymond, California has let me know about a good, useful anti-bullying resource on the Web.

Written by Jacob C. Herman, A Call to Stop Bullying is here. It has readable briefings that define bullying and cyberbullying and describe some signs and common effects. Good links to other resources follow each briefing.

Herman also offers some advice on what to do — and what he says ("ignore it. Walk away ... Stick with your friends") should be helpful to a number of kids. I wish he had added that, for kids who are extremely isolated, the most powerful option is to find one person, an adult or a kid, that you can trust and talk to. The isolated sense of worthlessness that bullying can inflict is often its most dangerous impact, in both the short and long terms. And even though they often can't change someone else's dumb behavior, kids need to know they can make the situation far more survivable if they just find someone, even just one person, who will listen to them and be trustworthy.

The very best anti-bullying resource that I know on the Web, especially for schools trying to change the culture around bullying and adults trying to help kids deal with it, is Stan Davis's Stop Bullying Now. The author of Schools Where Everyone Belongs and Empowering Bystanders in Bullying Prevention, Stan has newly revised his gold-standard site. Under What Works, he gives detailed suggestions that are grounded in his research and long years of experience as a guidance counselor: Advice for Parents & Guardians, Advice for Youth, School Interventions, Building Respect, Building Relationships, Supporting Positive Peer Actions, and more.

Also, visit the Downloadable Resources section of this site (bottom right on the Revealers page) to find Best Practices, a brief and practical guide for schools on working with presenters and book-reading projects to help change the culture around bullying. Best Practices was developed last summer by Stan Davis, elementary-grades author Trudy Ludwig and me, based on the research and our own experience visiting schools.

I hope this helps! Thanks to teacher Jennifer McVey and her student, Anna, at Green Mountain Elementary for their kind words about the bullying-awareness material on this site and the link to A Call to Stop Bullying.

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