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A nice article appeared in last Thursday’s Rochester (NY) Democrat and Chronicle about my visit the previous day to Churchville-Chili Middle School in Churchville. Writer Alicia Smith  dutifully reported my self-description as a “goofy ... annoying ... uncool” middle schooler (I could stop saying that, but unfortunately it’s true), and she let readers know that True Shoes portrays cyberbullying and comes out later this month.

All good. But the best quote came from sixth grader Abby Post, one of about a dozen “ambassadors” who applied successfully to spend the day with me, introducing me to their classmates, showing me around the school and sharing conversations in between larger sessions. During one of those in-between times, reporter Smith asked me why young people respond so strongly to The Revealers. Abby was sitting close by, listening — so I passed the question over to her. Why ask the writer when you can ask a reader?

Here’s how her answer came through in the paper:

“There’s a lot of bullying in schools,” said sixth-grader Abby Post. “Most books just give you the facts about bullying, but this goes inside — you could feel the pain.”

Thanks, Abby. You can read the whole article — it’s not long — here.

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